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Tree Services & Tree Removal Smithton

Burnie Tree Service, proudly servicing the Smithton area, has established ourselves as the leading arborists for all things tree removal, tree pruning, stump removal, and tree services as a whole in and around North West Tasmania. Our reputation is a proud one, wearing the badge of professionalism, expert quality, and affordability with honour. All of our arborists are highly trained and skilled in arboricultural practices, and since we are equipped with the best technology and machinery in the industry, it means the service we deliver cannot be matched.

Operating around the entire Smithton region, our specialty lies in tree removal and trimming services. We can complete all tasks from arbor advice to the largest of tree removals in Smithton, so no matter the tree service that you require, we are the team for the job!

It doesn't matter where you are in Smithton, our team can come out to your property for a free assessment and quote. If you are happy to go forward from there, we will book you in for the tree cutting service at a time the suits you. We can work when no one's home, or if you prefer to be there, we can work out a time that works with your schedule.

Professional tree removal services smithton

Our entire team share a deep love and passion for the trees and greenery within the Smithton ecosystem. Not only are they the life source for oxygen and life itself, but we realise the beauty and value they add to your home or business. This is why we try our absolute best to maintain the health and life of the trees on your property with maintenance and tree care services in Smithton.

However, as sad as it is to see a tree go, there are times where tree removal is necessary. Whether it be because it is diseased and dying, ridden with pests, or due to a hazardous reasoning, our team at Burnie Tree Service are your go-to professionals for all things tree removal Smithton. Our certified arborists can help you assess the health of your trees, devise a plan of attack to safely remove the tree without damaging you or your property, and execute the job to perfection!

Many years of providing top-rated tree removal services in Smithon has given our team the experience and expertise needed to handle any tree lopping job you throw at us, no matter how big or small. There is no better choice for professional tree removal than our certified climbing arborists at Burnie Tree Service!


Need Tree Removal in Smithton?

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Tree trimming & pruning done right

Making sure your trees stay healthy all year round is important to the longevity of your trees and the plants around it, as well as maintaining a vibrant ecosystem in Smithton as a whole. Tree trimming over grown and heavy branches that weigh down the tree can signifcantly reduce the risk of falling branches damaging you or your property, or the need of emergency tree removal after a big storm. The healthier the tree, not only does it mean that it will look better and increase the value of your home, but it will provide stable nutrients to the plants around it. Professional tree pruning is a win win in every scenario!

Our tree pruning arborists are your go-to team for the job! Being highly skilled in the correct tree pruning and trimming techniques, we know exactly how to approach the specific requirements of your tree. Regular pruning can save you time, money, and stress in the long run, so it really is a no-brainer hiring the best of the best to get the job done right. We will come out to you and prune your trees exactly as you require, creating a healthier, better looking, and long-lasting tree for many years to come!


When to remove a tree?

When it comes to ideal timing for tree removal in Smithton, there are many factors and potential reasons you have to factor in to your decision. Largely, it comes down to your motivation behind removing your tree.

If you are looking to remove your tree due to disease, decay, or pests, then tree removal should be urgent and you should call us right away. The longer you leave it, the more likely a branch is to break off, fall, and damage your property (or god forbid, worse). If you believe you have an at rrisk tree, call our friendly team immediately and we can come out and have a look.

If you are planning to renovate or need land clearance, then we can work around your building schedules and get your tree removed when needed. Tree removal, depending on the size of the tree, requires council approval, so it is best to get permits in ASAP to get the ball rolling.

In the case of a fallen down tree, we offer 24/7 emergency tree removal Smithon to come out and clear your property of the fallen hazardous tree. Hit by a storm? No dramas. Give our storm response tree removal team a call today!


Why Choose our arborist Smithton professionals?

From start to finish of your tree service Smithton, we offer a complete and comprehensive service, including clean up of the job too. there is a reason our customers keep coming back to us for their tree service every single time. It's because we go the extra mile to ensure you receive the highest level of tree services in Smithton, that your property is clean afterwards, and that your trees are as healthy as can be.

If you are looking for affordable tree removal, tree pruning, or stump grinding, then you don't need to look any further. Our expert crew are here 7 days a week to assist you with your tree service needs. Give our team a call today on 03 6313 7931!